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Nielsen Planogram & Merchandising Solutions

Optimize your Planograms for Effective Retail Space Management

Today’s Space Planning professionals are challenged to build and manage more planograms more efficiently and accurately as CPG retailers have evolved to store-level and cluster-level planograms. The right Space Management software solution provides productivity and insight benefits to empower Space Planning professionals to build and manage more planograms in less time and to provide links to other retail processes without sacrificing best practice planogram analytics and planogram design capabilities.

Nielsen Merchandising Solutions include built-in accuracy checks  to ensure that planograms you create on the computer will fit exactly in stores.

Nielsen Merchandising Solutions do more than draw Planograms

Nielsen offers industry leading space management software and other merchandising solutions to enable CPG retailers and suppliers in all classes of trade to build, manage, and integrate planograms with space management data. Our powerful financial and merchandising analytic tools allow you to quickly and easily build planograms using POS and the latest Nielsen shopper data to make optimal merchandising decisions and gain maximum returns from your space management investment. Nielsen space management solutions empower you to build planograms that  -

  • Are easy to shop, visually attractive and financially sound
  • Improve efficiency at the shelf
  • Fight out-of-stocks and over-stocks
  • Increase in-store compliance

Easy-to-use and configurable space management reports, charts and product lists predict and compare planogram performance to provide insight into the potential success of planogram variations. The solutions also uses live product images to allow you to view a virtual model of your planograms and clearly communicate your merchandising strategy and planogram reset instructions to your Space Planning, Category Management, Retail Sales and In-Store Operations teams.

Nielsen Merchandising Solutions fit your Retail Space Management Needs

Choose the level of software and planogram analysis you need to translate your merchandising objectives and strategy into planograms that allow you to manage and analyze your business at the shelf.

  • Build a virtual model of your retail shelf space
  • Advanced planogram analytics
  • Optional space management using industry-standard database management tools
  • Integration of planogram data with other mission critical retail processes
  • Integration with leading shelf tag and planogram compliance tools – to help our customers maintain their planogram strategy after store resets.
  • Store design and store floor plan analysis
  • Consulting and training from the industry’s highly experienced Space Management team

To take your planograms and Space Management program to the next level of accuracy, analytics and productivity, please contact the Nielsen Merchandising Solutions team today.


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