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Measuring what consumers buy is at the core of Nielsen. We offer a unique set of tools that examine key business trends by product, category or market using retailer scanner-based sales and causal information gathered weekly from retail outlets. Where electronic data is not available, we use detailed field audits.

This information enables you to identify the “why” as well as the “what” behind changes in product sales for fine-tuned marketing strategies.

Media Measurement

Nielsen provides advertising intelligence services including advertising expenditures and creative monitoring services for advertising messages.

Advertising Intelligence Services

Advertising intelligence services (AIS) and measures advertising expenditure and creative content daily across all major media types locally in Ireland. Our industry-standard media measurement tools enable benchmarking analysis of competitor brand positioning, advertising share of voice, media mix strategies, ad sales performance, ad verification, and provide valuable lead generation services.


Understanding how your brand is doing online is about more than clicks and page views. Nielsen’s innovative online measurement services provide accurate and timely data, independent, credible validation as well as support for strategic decisions including product launches, marketing campaigns and community-building. Our data enables media companies to more effectively buy and sell advertising, as well as understand campaign performance.


Today’s consumers are watching more TV than ever, which makes understanding what and how they’re watching an essential part of any marketing campaign. Using Electronic metering technology, Nielsen provides an insightful TV audience measurement and analytics. Our rating tools capture not only what channel is being watched, but also who is watching and when. This in-depth of knowledge allows our clients to refine their campaigns based on demographics, day-part and audience composition.
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Nielsen is the leading provider of information, transaction and sales analysis services and also runs the Registration Agencies: SAN, ISTC and the ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland.

Nielsen collects and aggregates English-language book data (print and digital) from publishers and disseminates the information via a range of services to customers worldwide.

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