Measuring how people actually consume — where they buy, how they buy, and why — and how important factors such as price, packaging, promotion and distribution influence decisions.

We provide

Nielsen's Buy segment provides retailers and manufacturers with retail sales measurement and market share information. We use our analytical capabilities to generate consumer insights that help our clients enhance sales and marketing, optimize pricing and promotion, promote their brands and launch new products and services. We support a wide range of industries in approximately 100 countries, including measuring billions of sales transactions every month. Our measurement and analytics are embedded in the operating disciplines of our clients, many of which have 30+ year relationships with us.

Our capabilities



2 billion electronic records from
200,000 retail outlets per week

Nielsen processes 2 billion consumer packaged goods records each week from retail outlets. As the retail landscape evolves in developing markets, significant growth potential exists for analytical tools and expanded retail measurement.

16 million consumer
surveys annually

We conduct 16 million consumer surveys annually to provide Nielsen's clients with meaningful insights on new products, concepts and consumer habits.

67 million items audited per month

Where there are no electronic records available, field auditors collect data for 67 million items from 400,000 stores around the world to provide the most accurate sales information to clients.

1.7 million+ stores visited each month

We visit more than 1.7 million stores each month to update retailer and manufacturer information including store profiles, prices, promotional activities and product placement.

3 million store-level data files

Every year, Nielsen receives almost 3 million files from retailers, delivered on a weekly and monthly basis. We make the data available to clients almost immediately, after validating sales information for accuracy. Clients can drill into their data at granular levels to analyze performance.

25+ characteristics for
30 million products worldwide

Nielsen creates and maintains custom product attributes, such as package type and flavor, to help our clients assess competition and determine areas of growth and opportunity for 30 million products worldwide.

3 million customer reports per year

Nielsen supplies 3 million reports to our clients annually through more than 900,000 databases. Most databases are customized by using Nielsen's proprietary characteristics to build specific categories and aggregate segments that meet each client's unique needs.

Loyalty card purchase data from
130 million shoppers

Nielsen Catalina Solutions maintains a nationally representative loyalty card database of 130 million shoppers, representing 60 million households who purchase 13.6 billion unique items annually.

Buy revenue ($ millions)

Client Example


Nestlé is the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Its mission, expressed by the slogan "Good Food, Good Life," is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions from breakfast to dinner.


Nestlé's primary competitive advantages, built up over decades and present throughout the value chain, relate to product and brand portfolio, R&D capability, geographic presence, and its people, culture, values and attitude.


Providing innovative ways to help Nestlé continually deepen its understanding of markets and consumers, and to assess the effectiveness of marketing efforts worldwide.