With mobile broadband subscribers topping 200 million worldwide, the telecom industry is experiencing remarkable growth and demand from consumers who now use their phones for more than just talk. 

Expanding wireless networks in emerging markets open the possibility for mobile broadband subscribers to outnumber wired broadband subscribers within the next decade.

The shift of revenue from fixed to mobile and from voice to data is accelerating as data and media are increasingly untethered from specific devices or networks. Innovation is vibrant and opportunities abound for device manufacturers, service providers, and mobile app developers. But the competition is equally intense, requiring a detailed understanding of the market and clear insight into the signal consumers are sending.

No matter what the industry, Nielsen understands it’s about growing your market share, and maximising a return on your investment. With vast experience in analysing media habits and spending behaviours of consumers as well as advertising effectiveness, pricing, and product innovation, Nielsen is uniquely positioned to help you make better connections to the always connected consumer.

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