Media Advertising Measurement

Monitor and analyse competitor advertising strategies and evaluate engagement with your consumers.

What We Measure
Nielsen measures advertising expenditure and creative content daily across all major media types locally in the U.K., and across a global network covering the world's largest advertising markets (including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa). Our industry-standard media measurement tools enable benchmarking analysis of competitor brand positioning, advertising share of voice, media mix strategies, ad sales performance, ad verification, and provide valuable lead generation services.

Nielsen’s TV programme engagement and advertising effectiveness measurement helps you understand how your target audience responds to advertising in real time, in the real-world environment, to optimise your ad impact and the return on your media investment. We measure day parts from 6pm to 12am for nationally broadcast programmes and conduct in-depth and consistent questioning.

How We Do It
Nielsen works with many of the industry’s leading associations and bodies to ensure its media measurement methodology is always accurate and reflects the current market. We use a unique three-tier brand categorisation system in the UK, with discount-calculated costs to ensure different media can be realistically compared.

Our international media measurement coverage represents 85 percent of the world’s advertising spend and harmonises data to a two-tiered global category structure and a three-tiered global brand structure.

Nielsen’s TV programme engagement and advertising effectiveness service uses panel methodology and measures day-after viewer response to TV programming. Our measurement goes beyond audience ratings to determine how engaged that audience is with the programme itself, and the degree to which they remember and were influenced by the advertising that aired during it. Panellists are asked specific questions about programme content to determine recall and engagement levels. They are then questioned on all advertising within commercial breaks to gauge brand and message recall and likeability.

Why Nielsen?
Nielsen has been recognised as a leading provider of media information for over 35 years. Our unrivalled coverage gives you access to both local market advertising information and globally harmonised data and creative. In the UK, our advertising measurement services are the industry standard and used daily by a majority of agencies and media owners. We monitor over 500,000 advertisers and own a rolling 5 year library of 3 million creatives, enabling you to analyse data from over 300 million spots and measure the performance of 600 media owners.

Our TV programme engagement and advertising effectiveness service systematically measures key primetime television programmes and commercials to provide a rich and consistent database of norms. Within days you can evaluate the actual contribution provided by programmes, time-slots and advertising creative. We then help you specify the best TV programme environments, identify the strongest creative executions, monitor for ad wear-out, increase efficiency through ad length optimisation, evaluate creative by demographic group and custom segments, and monitor and respond to competition.

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