Online Measurement

Understanding how your brand is doing online is about more than clicks and page views.

What We Measure
Nielsen’s comprehensive and innovative online measurement services analyse consumer behaviour, advertising effectiveness, brand advocacy, social media buzz and more. Innovative proprietary tools, syndicated services and custom analytics provide actionable insights to help define your business objectives and power your online strategy

How We Do It
High-quality, patented panel- and census-based technologies enable Nielsen to deliver accurate audience and Internet measurement metrics .  

Panel recruitment is conducted using a proprietary methodology that combines the representativeness of a Random Digit Dial (RDD) panel with the depth provided by an online-recruited panel. The RDD “core” of this methodology provides a baseline for representative demography and online behaviour. This baseline is used to create demographic and behavioural weights for the online-recruited panel. Our patented user-prompting ensures we have the best demographic data upon which to base our weights.

We examine your site’s audience traffic and provide you with in-depth knowledge about how visitors are using your website, and what parts could be improved to boost interest from specific user groups. Our media planning analysis provides you with ways you can help your advertisers reach their target audience most effectively.Drawing on customised data, Nielsen will help you identify your competitors within a specific market sector and benchmark your own performance. To ensure you are getting maximum returns on your marketing and promotions, we will examine proprietary survey data on customer attitudes and opinions to see how they link with measured online behaviour.

Why Nielsen?
Nielsen offers unmatched insight into consumers’ online behaviour using our extensive research tools and panels. Our customised offerings allow us to provide you with the specific information you need to approach a particular issue with your website or develop a complete online strategy.  

Nielsen also works closely with industry leaders and content providers to improve and expand upon the ways we track brands online. Leveraging a user base of 500 million users, our strategic alliance with Facebook has resulted in numerous initiatives that are making online media work better for brand marketers by providing rapid, low-bias, high-response feedback

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