Retail & Consumer Measurement

What We Measure
Nielsen retail measurement services provide continuous tracking of product sales to consumers, based on information gathered at the retail point-of-sale. Information is primarily gathered from scanning cash-registers with supplementary store audits.  Our read represents sales in 60,000 retail outlets in Great Britain.  Nielsen offers a unique set of tools to show exactly how your product or store is performing in the marketplace. We provide detailed information on sales, market share, distribution, pricing, promotional activity and merchandising. This product and category performance tracking information, combined with best in class client servicing and analytical support, provides your organisation with accurate reporting across all fmcg retail channels. This allows your company to hold the course through larger volume swings and increased margin pressures.  Nielsen’s retail measurement services can help you uncover significant growth opportunities.

Measuring consumer behaviour is the core of the Nielsen Company; we’ve been refining our methodology for decades. We monitor more than 250,000 households in 27 countries through our industry-leading consumer panels.  In Great Britain we have a 15,000 strong consumer panel who scan the groceries they buy and bring into their home.  

The combined power of Consumer Panel and Retail Measurement information uniquely enables our clients to understand exactly who is buying what from where, how much and how often.

How We Do It
To accurately project results, Nielsen consumer panels are carefully selected to be representative of the demographic characteristics of the universe being measured.  Our panelists are equipped with in home scanners and they scan the barcodes of all grocery shopping which is taken into their homes.  

Our EPoS scanning technology captures sales and price data from virtually every major FMCG retail chain in Great Britain. This data can be packaged up to meet individual client requirements and delivered as often as weekly.  

Our team of experts draw upon Nielsen retail and consumer measurements to help you make decisions on issues such as distribution strategies and category growth opportunities.  They will then work with retailers and manufacturers to deliver solutions in managing range and in-store space.

Why Nielsen?
Nielsen deliver's world class local and global insights into consumer behaviour and product sales across categories, and continents. We create a dynamic, holistic view of your marketplace and your consumer that combines direct data and deep insights to provide timely, actionable information for your business plans.

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