Advertising Effectiveness

It’s the oldest question in marketing: How much, and which part, of my ad spend is actually working? Nielsen knows how to direct spending to reach the right audience.

How We Can Help
Nielsen's customised solutions measure advertising effectiveness across TV, Internet, mobile and more. With our integrated approach, you'll get a precise understanding of consumer response, detailing the “how” and “why” of your campaign performance on brand metrics across all media.

Our analysis allows you to measure a campaign while it runs to ensure the creative, messaging, and/or media platforms are beneficially engaging the right audience, and we advise you when to adjust if necessary. Accurate measurement of day-after impact gives you a  realistic picture of message retention and provides insights for optimisation of future campaigns and long-term brand equity.

How We Do It
Nielsen's ad effectiveness solutions:

  • Determine the reach of your advertising -- which consumer segments are actually seeing your ads
  • Identify current ad spend and channels, and what your competitors are doing compared to your brand
  • Implement improved strategies, strengthening your targeting and media schedule
  • Verify if your brand is now more memorable or likeable and if your ad increased purchase intent

Why Nielsen?
Our solutions show the direct correlation between TV campaigns and online activity and our advanced analytics provide accurate information that will improve your campaigns across the whole marketing mix. 

Fusing media data with the world's largest databases of FMCG consumer behaviour, Nielsen provides a detailed account of whether your advertising moved product or increased consideration.

Our alliance with, NeuroFocus, the world’s leading neuro-based research company, provides answers to questions that go far beyond statistics.

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