Brand & Portfolio Management

Nielsen can optimise your product portfolio for local and global markets and adjust your marketing mix to increase your brand’s market share in the face of competition and changing consumer behaviour.

How We Can Help
To help grow your brand and market share, Nielsen provides insight into the future by identifying emerging attitudes and behaviours.  Our data and analysis shows you what your key competitors are doing and where consumer demands are headed so that your brand and portfolio are positioned for present success and future growth. Our insights and analysis go beyond numbers and sales trends to pinpoint specific strategies that help maximise revenue opportunities and grow your profit margin.

How We Do It
Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Strategies based on proven models and global insights
  • Tools for monitoring and optimising brand and portfolio performances
  • Definitions of evolving consumer needs and competitor performance
  • Identification of innovation opportunities
  • Outlines of which products, assets or services have the highest potential for success—globally and locally, online and offline
  • Evaluations of performance on maintaining/growing market share and consumer attitudes toward brand
  • Recommendations on how to deliver your brand message to consumers, and through which channels

Why Nielsen?
For thousands of brands, Nielsen has accurately linked its brand equity models with actual in-market performance. Our ability to measure and analyse more than 250,000 households in 25 markets worldwide, provides you with a complete view of the consumers and how your brand fits in.

General Inquiries

Questions about how Nielsen's research and analysis can help your business grow?
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