Market Structure & Segmentation

Achieve higher revenues through focused activity to specific consumer and industry segments and uncover the most effective channels of distribution.

How We Can Help

Using our detailed demographic and retail information, Nielsen will help you segment and reach consumers and industries, matching buying behaviour with marketing strategies. We deliver analysis that enables you to more effectively relate to and retain the customers who will drive your profit.

How We Do It
Our proprietary set of measurement tools allow us to:

  • Prioritise your spend to focus on intended consumers—drawing on extensive data to project which segments will boost profits, while limiting waste and increasing efficiency
  • Understand your consumers and the competitive activity within your target markets, defining the boundaries of the market you operate in and where these can be expanded
  • Optimise your cross-platform marketing mix to better reach your intended consumer, and identify the best match between product and consumer
  • Integrate your own customer data with world-class market and media data to move confidently from insights to marketing action, from promotional mechanics to in-store execution
  • Identify pockets of new opportunity using geo-demographic segmentation tools to help you capitalise on opportunities at a micro level

Why Nielsen?
Our proprietary data provides you with clear, granular insights into what your consumers are doing and thinking. We provide profiles of thousands of consumer behaviours and gather purchase insights from over 250,000 households in 25 markets worldwide, helping you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our solutions range from custom engagements to simple do-it-yourself tools. Our experienced consultants create customised segmentation based on your data and business needs, with models used over decades serving clients globally.

General Inquiries

Questions about how Nielsen's research and analysis can help your business grow?
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