Pricing & Promotional Strategies

No matter how well-made or well-marketed your products are, they can't thrive if they are not priced right for the market. Determining the right price for your products requires a detailed analysis of not only your competitors and the retail environment, but also of broader macro-economic and consumer behaviour trends.

How We Can Help
Nielsen can help optimise your pricing and promotional strategy to align with brand and profit goals for your entire product portfolio. Our bespoke pricing and promotional analysis and modeling can identify your pricing elasticity and how various pricing and promotional scenarios will impact your sales and profits, as well as the shopper's perception of your brand.

How We Do It
Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Review of business issues and context for pricing strategy, along with techniques to capture both retailer and consumer perspectives to determine the best price for the highest sales
  • Examination of competitor pricing strategy and optimal ways to respond to trade pressures
  • Testing of any proposed pricing and promotions changes, including discounts, seasonal pricing and breaking through price thresholds. We assess the impact on sales and profitability for manufacturers and retailers
  • In-Market Strategy for retail-account specific pricing and promotions initiatives
  • Post-analysis of your promotions, including how pricing affected purchase behaviour, with clear recommendations for improvement

Why Nielsen
Our recommendations draw on data from 350,000 stores, 30 countries and 85 million retail transactions a year, offering pricing expertise with unmatched reach and proven simulations that build winning strategies.

We offer clients the world’s largest longitudinal consumer panel, measuring purchasing behaviour in more than 250,000 households in 27 countries.

With a foundation of 20,000 global pricing analyses, Nielsen’s team brings decades of experience in addressing clients’ pricing and promotion needs.

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