Product Innovation & Renovation

With the market and your competition in constant motion, your product portfolio can’t stand still.  Nielsen can identify which new products have the highest chance for success and how to position it in the market.

How We Can Help

Nielsen delivers an accurate forecast of where the market is headed and where your products will fit in. Backed by 30 years of experience, and fuelled by the largest consumer panel worldwide, our solutions enable your product innovations to break through, compete and ultimately succeed.

How We Do It
Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Evaluation of your consumer, brand/category assortment and retail environment to identify opportunities
  • Forecasting product success and development of launch marketing and distribution strategies, using tailored, industry leading tools
  • Identification of high-performing channels and optimisation of in-channel placement including store locations and shelf space planning
  • Tracking existing and incremental sales and other metrics to accurately gauge how your new products are performing
  • Testing messaging and packaging for NPD using quantitative and qualitative consumer research

Why Nielsen?
With thousands of products and marketing plans tested worldwide, Nielsen is a clear leader in measurement and predictive analysis of innovation and new product performance.  We have a historical database going back over a quarter of a century which houses comprehensive information on global innovations.  These tools allow us to accurately predict product success, benchmark performance and tailor strategies for your new product development.

General Inquiries

Questions about how Nielsen's research and analysis can help your business grow?
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