Retail & Shopper Marketing

A great product is great place to start, but it's critical to get the right product in front of the right shopper.

How We Can Help
Nielsen provides an in-depth understanding of shopper thinking and experience, helping you understand why they did or did not purchase your product. Our insight into shopper behaviour --including influences, in-store placement and retail channels -- helps you see your product, the category, and the whole store through a consumer’s eyes.

How We Do It
Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Analysing shopper mix to identify your most valuable shopper and what they are thinking
  • Evaluating how to build better retailer relationships, to drive retailer engagement and increase market share
  • Understanding shopper loyalty and retention. We deconstruct the elements that keep customers coming back
  • Optimising overall distribution strategy, category management, product price, in-store placement and promotion to increase sales
  • Learning what works and what doesn’t, through shopper marketing ROI. We evaluate each tactical element to determine the most effective retail strategy

Why Nielsen?
Our industry-leading analytics offer sales data and consultancy across all grocery retailers/channels.

No company knows more about the psychology of the shopper and the logistics of retail.  We work with all the major FMCG and book retailers in the U.K., and draw upon a variety of data sources - from retailer point-of-sale data to information gathered through Nielsen’s consumer panels - to provide a comprehensive view of the shopper.  From factors such as brand preference to the physical realities of space planning and merchandising display, we offer a full picture of your brand’s position in the marketplace—and how to improve it.

General Inquiries

Questions about how Nielsen's research and analysis can help your business grow?
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