Social Media Intelligence

Mastering the social media landscape can be the difference between "like" or "#fail" for your brand.

The fastest growing media are being shaped by the consumers themselves. The opinions they express in social media are highly trusted, widely shared and can have significant short and long-term impact on your brand.

How We Can Help
NM Incite – a joint venture between Nielsen and world-class management consultancy McKinsey & Company – is committed to leveraging social media for improved business impact. We provide our clients the very best “brand radar” into the billions of social media conversations. Our expertise and experience – overseeing more than 10 years of social media coverage across hundreds of brands – is why Forrester Research has put our solutions and services at the very top of its rankings. Our solutions enable brands to extract value from social media as it relates to marketing, sales, product development, customer service and business strategy development across industries. If you want to overlay sales or media data into your reporting mix - or see value in blending paid, owned, and earned media - that’s our core strength. If you want a global view, we cover more languages and geographies than any service in our industry, including fast-growing markets like India and China.

How We Do It
Our solutions focus on the intensity and immediacy of social media as a source of consumer feedback, trends and information. NM Incite provides industry-leading social media and online brand metrics, along with consumer insights and real-time market intelligence. Grounded in billions of conversations across 130MM blogs, forums, social networks and message boards, across the purchase cycle, and across 15 markets, we offer the industry’s most reliable view into the consumer mindset through our solutions:

  • Consumer Understanding
  • Defensive Branding and Threats
  • Brand Advocacy and Increasing Customer Value
  • Customer Service
  • New Product Innovation

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NM Incite - Social Media Intelligence

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