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The number of people playing video games continues to grow, with a third of the U.S. population 13+ now considered gamers. 

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    Asian Americans: Digital Lives and Growing Influence

    Asian-American consumers are expanding their influence and voicing their preferences as customers, audiences and voters like never before. Thus, understanding this group has become more important for any organization servicing the American public.

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    The Database: The Latest Look at the Changing Beauty Landscape

    This episode of The Database dives into the beauty and personal care industries, including how brands and marketers can tap into the biggest trends across beauty and personal care, reach today’s diverse beauty shoppers and use online and digital to connect with consumers.

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    David Ponraj

    Our Innovations Leader for Data Collection is paving the way for the future of data collection.

    Peter DiMaria

    Our Head of Content Architecture at Nielsen Gracenote helps clients create the ultimate listening experience for their audiences.

    Liz Buchanan

    Our VP of Sales Engineering creates connections to tap the power of data.

    Molly Poppie

    Our VP of Data Science explores the "why" behind consumer trends.



    Mainak Mazumdar

    Our Chief Research Officer keeps people at the center of data.

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