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The Nielsen Total Audience Report:
Q2 2017

Adults in the U.S. are spending an additional half hour each day connected to digital, audio and television media compared with last year.

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    Streamer Things: Internet-Enabled TV Connected Devices Found in Nearly 60 Percent of U.S. TV Homes

    Never have viewers had so many options to connect to streaming content on their television set. Whether it be an enabled multimedia device, game console, or smart TV, nearly 70 million TV households in the U.S. have access to at least one.

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    The Database: Episode 2, Navigating Change in the U.S. FMCG Industry

    Disruption. Change. Evolution. Digitization. All of these words factor into the equation that’s currently shaping the U.S. FMCG industry. In this episode, several experts weigh in on the various changes taking place, highlighting the effect on sales as well doorways to growth.

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    See what's next from some of Nielsen's top thinkers.


    Liz Buchanan

    Our VP of Sales Engineering creates connections to tap the power of data.

    Molly Poppie

    Our VP of Data Science explores the "why" behind consumer trends.

    Mainak Mazumdar

    Our Chief Research Officer keeps people at the center of data.

    Jackie Nyanjom

    Our Managing Director for East Africa turns challenges into opportunities.

    Arun Ramaswamy

    Our Chief Engineer creates tomorrow's measurement solutions.

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