Nearly nine out of 10 News/Talk radio listeners are highly engaged, registered voters

But high engagement is not confined to just News/Talk, as All Sports listeners are some of the most engaged radio fans, and 81% of them are also registered voters.


Concert Pay Dirt

Live music attendance is even more popular among the wealthiest music listeners in China than it is in the U.S.


Origin-al Idea

Almost half of global respondents feel brand origin is just as important of a purchasing factor as price (48%), promotions (47%) and packaging (46%).


Turning Up
Twitter TV

Close to 40% of the live Twitter TV discussion can be missed if the correct terms aren’t being used to capture it. 


Uncommon Sense

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By Randall Beard, President,
Global Innovation

Next-Gen Innovation

Iterative product development works well, but it suffers from one major drawback: It often produces ideas that are good enough but not the best.


  • Made in... Which Country? 
    Many consumers appear to have strong preferences about the origin of the products they buy, but how important is this attribute really when they consider a purchase? How does it stack up against other selection factors?
  • The Comparable Metrics Report: Q4 2015 
    The fourth-quarter 2015 report sets aside metrics commonly associated with only one type of content, such as video starts or page views, and focuses instead on three basic concepts equally applicable to all categories of media measurement.
  • Q1 2016 Local Watch Report: Television and Technology Usage in Our Cities 
    While local TV plays a major role in reaching audiences, understanding multi-platform touchpoints is especially important when it comes to today’s digitally-savvy shoppers. This quarter’s Local Watch report focuses on one of the savviest shoppers—car buyers.
  • Case Study: Cross-Border Study Drives Marketing Strategies to Reach International Consumers 
    The Rio Grande Economic Development Councils are well aware of the challenge of quantifying the impact of cross-border consumer behavior on the U.S. economy. So it engaged Nielsen to better understand the interdependence of the economies on both sides of the U.S. and Mexican border.