Bracket Bonanza

The 73 telecasts in last year’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament cumulatively reached more than 97M people

Recognizing the opportunity to reach a large, educated and affluent audience, advertisers spent approximately $910 million on March Madness commercials in 2016. 


Total Store
Final Four

Since February 2015, the categories in this year’s total store bracket have posted a collective $6.5 billion in sales growth.


impulse Insight

U.S. consumers are 5% more likely to make an impulse purchase in the grocery category online than at a physical store.


Connected Screens

With 80% of U.S. households having broadband internet, the popularity of TV-connected devices is growing.


Perspectives from Nielsen's leading voices

Ramon Melgarejo, SVP,
Innovation Practice

‘Consumers Love It’
Isn’t Enough

Volumetric assessments often get minimal consideration at the beginning of the consumer product innovation process. But that’s where they’re most needed.

Journal of Measurement

Behind every piece of data at Nielsen, behind every insight, there’s a world of scientific methods and techniques in constant development. And we’re constantly cooperating on ground-breaking initiatives with other scientists and thought-leaders in the industry.


  • The Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report: Q3 2016 
    This is an in-depth study of users and usage – averaged across the U.S. population – with the purpose of aligning methodologies and metrics to display an “apples to apples” view of Q3 2016 consumption across TV, radio, TV-connected devices, PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Commercial Trends in Sports 2017 
    With global sponsorship spend forecast to reach over $62 billion in 2017 and global media rights spend expected to hit $45 billion, the top-line metrics remain positive. This report detail what we regard as the 10 major commercial trends in sports.
  • The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q3 2016 
    Millennials are a diverse group: 42% of them are multicultural. With this in mind, this report focuses on a key demographic within the generation—Hispanic Millennials—and their viewing habits around sports.