Last year, U.S. convenience store sales eclipsed $140 billion, up 11.5% from $125.9 billion in 2012

At their core, convenience stores have three key strengths: speed, experience and personalization. These are the foundation blocks that they can build on as competition rises and channel lines blur.  


Virtual Empathy

360-degree video is a growing medium for brands and companies seeking to engage tech-savvy consumers. It can also be powerful for non-profits.


Level Up

Mid-cycle game console updates give manufacturers and players alike something to celebrate.


Booming Brews

When it comes to popular craft beers, IPAs are ahead of the pack, generating more than $1 billion in sales for the year ended Jan. 28, 2017.



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Dr. Nikki Westoby,
Director of Neuroscience

Conveying Trust in Ads

Explicit research methods can’t really measure whether an ad conveys a sense of trust. That’s where consumer neuroscience can help.

Journal of Measurement

Behind every piece of data at Nielsen, behind every insight, there’s a world of scientific methods and techniques in constant development. And we’re constantly cooperating on ground-breaking initiatives with other scientists and thought-leaders in the industry.


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    Asian American women are embracing new products, trends and experiences. And more and more, Asian American influences are having a profound and recognizable impact on mainstream U.S. culture.