Socially Minded: The Causes Men and Women Value

If we know that consumers are engaging more with brands that are going green, producing sustainable products and giving back, do we have insight into which causes resonate the most? And are there discernible preferences between men and women? The short answer is yes.

Corporate Support for Education is a Winning Proposition

Companies around the world appear to be getting more involved in educational development initiatives, and consumers are taking notice. Companies support educational initiatives for a variety of reasons, such as altruism, talent pipeline development and brand reputation, all of which can make them...

VIDEO: The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility

All companies want to do good, but is there a value in being socially responsible at the corporate level? The research says, yes, and consumers’ receptiveness is growing.   VIDEO: Global Consumers Value Brands That are Socially Responsible, Sept. 19, 2013 How to Engage with Socially...