Webinar: Future Opportunities in FMCG E-commerce

Webinar: Future Opportunities in FMCG E-commerce

Going Beyond Offline: Future Opportunity Lies in Online FMCG

E-commerce is becoming an important factor in further driving fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) growth across major markets globally. The key drivers for the success of FMCG e-commerce differ based on geographical market conditions, socio-economic factors and technology investments. In this webinar, we explore a framework of 10 key drivers for e-commerce success and which combination of drivers are importance based on their respective markets.

The dynamics of FMCG e-commerce as a growing business channel in developing markets is different from that of developed markets. This webinar helps to understand consumer insights based on their preference for online FMCG depending upon changing lifestyle, internet penetration and market maturity. Further, it also presents the concept of the 3 growth levers to understand the potential success of online FMCG in a given market.

View our webinar playback or download the white paper for more insights on future opportunities in FMCG e-commerce.