The Quest for Convenience

Convenience isn’t just about store formats, products or packaging. And it means more than the latest technologies or new engagement strategies. Rather, it’s about every encounter, interaction and action that can help fulfill consumers’ growing demand for efficiency.

Are We Really Getting Value From Our Promotions?

Australian manufacturers and retailers are investing an exceptional amount of time and money executing promotions on a regular basis - with the hope that both parties will benefit from a maximum return on their investment. The reality is, however, that this outcome is rarely ever achieved.

Key Trends For Manufacturers To Explore In Vietnam

While sales of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in some developed markets saw signs of softness, opportunities for growth are still readily available if you know where to look. Manufacturers with global reach should focus on emerging markets, which have consistently performed two to four times...

Low Sugar Hitting The Sweet Spot In Australia

This month, all eyes will be on the U.K. market as a sugar tax on drinks goes into effect there, encouraging consumers through price to reduce their sugar consumption. No doubt the Australian Federal Government will be watching, as they consider a ‘sugar tax’ here in Australia.

The Rise and Rise Again of Private Label

There’s a new retail revolution underway, and it’s going to affect the global food industry in ways the market hasn’t seen before. The revolution comes at the hand of store-branded products, which continue to gain share across all major geographies around the globe.