Webinar: Where is home for 700m people?

The challenge for retailers, manufacturers and service providers is to understand the latent needs and emerging demands of each population tier. Discover the way forward for doing business in ASEAN from 2015 to 2025.

What Future Talent Look for in the Companies They Keep

What are today's Future Talent—students close to graduating or college-educated, newly working professionals—looking for when seeking employment or making purchases? A recent study on corporate reputation explores the factors these young future leaders consider.

Millennials Evaluate Corporate Reputation Through a New Lens

Millennials comprise about one-third of “Opinion Elites,” an influential subset of the public who are highly informed, engaged and active when it comes to social and business issues. And just as Millennials' shopping, dietary and financial decisions differ from those of older generations,...

Men's and Women's Wellness Perceptions Can Carry Weight

Nearly half (49%) of global respondents in Nielsen’s Global Health & Wellness Survey consider themselves overweight, and a similar percentage (50%) is actively trying to lose weight. But men and women are not necessarily aligned with the steps they take in the battle of the bulge. While it may...

Asia Pacific consumers embrace the share economy

Revenue gained by consumers turning personal assets into income via a share economy is expected to surpass $3.5 billion this year, with growth exceeding 25 percent. Find out why Asia Pacific consumers are flocking to join the share economy juggernaut.