Shopper Research

We know what shoppers say they do is often not what they actually do. Gaining an accurate picture of in-store shopping behavior is key to uncovering shoppers’ needs and how to meet them. Do shoppers strictly follow their shopping list and head straight to the home aisle, or are they distracted and buy other categories along their shopping journey? What role does point-of-sale or shelf layout have on purchase decisions, and how does this impact impulse purchases?

Our shopper research solutions help you create a complete view of the path to purchase, understanding shoppers’ pre-store influences, trip missions, planning process, impulses, triggers, switching behaviour and final conversion to purchase. With this fundamental understanding of the shopper, we lay the foundation to uncover the reasons why shoppers do what they do, and further test out hypotheses, evaluate optimal packaging, shelf layouts and point of sale materials.

What we measure

Leveraging our extensive retailer network and global coverage, our shopper studies provide a 360 degree view of the channels, retailers and shoppers in your market and category, covering retail environment trends, retailer equity, shopping patterns and category insights.

With global and local coverage, multinational and local retailers and manufacturers alike benefit from in-depth insights to guide their decision-making and strategy planning.

By observing shoppers on their natural shopping journey, we capture shopper conversion from store to aisle to shelf to basket. We identify their interactions at the shelf, what captures their attention, and the triggers or barriers that influence their purchase decision in the store.

Our suite of qualitative and quantitative shopper research solutions provide insight into what influences shoppers’ behaviours. These insights help you pinpoint what shoppers are really thinking, what triggers they react to, barriers, and how you can influence them to your brand and category.

Our shopper research solutions also help you uncover how to make retail environments and shelves more appealing to shoppers. Where is the best location to place your brand? How effective is your packaging or point of sale materials in capturing shoppers’ attention? Nielsen has a range of tools that enable you to develop and test your concepts at the shelf, helping you maximize impact and effectiveness, before launching them in the market. From testing in a real store environment in our ShopperLAB, to using the latest technologies in a virtual simulation store, we evaluate effectiveness amongst real store clutter, and provide a cost-effective, fast and flexible solution to securely test concepts, all without affecting a working retail store. These simulated environments combine observation, interviews, eye-tracking and neuroscience testing, to create a multidimensional view of shoppers’ in-store behavior.