Tap King: Will It Remain on the Throne?

Tap King: Will It Remain on the Throne?


The concept of creating an authentic beer experience at home has been on the innovation hit-list for liquor manufacturers and retailers for some time.

The idea of a take-home, mini-keg system is not something new in the Australian market, with Heineken launching the DraughtKeg at the end of 2005. In the eight years since launch however, DraughtKeg’s largest dollar sales have occurred during the Christmas period; an indication that the brand has aligned itself to be more of a novelty gift-style product.

Tap King is the newest keg system to hit the market launching to coincide with Father’s Day in September, and enabling retailers to start the spring beer season early with the hope of repeat purchase in Christmas.

Whilst Tap King and DraughtKeg do have similarities, there are three fundamental differences between the brands:

  1. Size: Tap King is available in 3.2L versus DraughtKeg which is available in 5L

  3. Price: Tap King retails the dispenser for $32.99 and refills are available for purchase from $21-$29; DraughtKeg retails for $35.49

  5. Variety: Tap King offers consumers a choice of several beer brands

The $5 million media campaign to support the Tap King launch has created mass consumer buzz about the brand. Social media sites have also been heavily engaged with more than 42,000 likes on Facebook and over 112,000 views of the TV commercial on YouTube.

The question remains whether this innovative new brand with its significant marketing support and strong online and social media presence will become a staple of the beer drinker repertoire or just a novelty gift item.

Past Nielsen research has demonstrated time and again that long-term innovation success requires delivery against several critical factors such as relevance, value at concept and uniqueness. Tap King’s offering is a distinct solution to an unmet desire that over-delivers at a reasonable price – ultimately paving the way for a winning and sustainable brand.