Social TV on the Rise: Almost One in Two Online Australians Engaging in Digital Conversation

Social TV on the Rise: Almost One in Two Online Australians Engaging in Digital Conversation


Social media is re-energising TV—acting like a shot of pure adrenaline that’s fuelling millions of digital conversations. In the U.S. in 2013 alone, 36 million people sent 990 Million Tweets about TV, according to Nielsen SocialGuide. Those conversations have created a digital dialogue we’ve come to know as social TV.

The latest research from Nielsen’s 2014 Australian Connected Consumers Report shows the number of online Aussies aged over 16 engaging in Social TV (posting comments or reading others’ comments about the TV content they are viewing) is growing, with close to half (44%) participating in 2013 – an increase of seven percentage points versus the previous year.

And this is no fad. The increasing ownership of portable, convenient, connected devices creates the perfect set up for a ‘second screen’ experience, resulting in some of the most influential conversations out there—so much in fact that TV programmers are integrating hashtags and social conversations directly into their shows.

In addition to the reach of social TV, the frequency of participation has also increased. Nearly one in five online Australians partake in social TV activity on at least a weekly basis (17%), up from 11 percent in 2012.

More than one in three consumers aged 16-24 read other peoples’ comments about TV or movie content on a weekly basis, or more often; 31 percent post comments themselves at least weekly.

Taking an interest in other people’s opinions about TV content and personalities remains the most prevalent motivation for social TV participation. Content that people ‘feel strongly about’ has also emerged as an important driver of online social behaviour. It is a slightly stronger motivation for older audiences (27%) as well as younger audiences (25%).

For these savvy, confident dual-screeners, extending their TV involvement across screens is becoming second nature. Today’s media owners and brands must continue to innovate in their quest to capitalise on dual-screening behaviour and deliver enhanced audience engagement with programs and advertising.

About Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings
Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, the first-ever measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter, enable users to:

  • Improve media planning and buying decisions by factoring in the total Twitter engagement around TV programs.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of Twitter TV-related audience engagement strategies and better understand the relationship between Twitter and tune-in.
  • Analyse audiences who tweet about brands and TV programs to help amplify brand messages.

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About the Australian Nielsen Connected Consumers Report, 2014
The Australian Connected Consumers Report (formerly known as The Australian Online Consumer Report) has been published since 1997 and is now in its 16th annual edition. The 2014 report analyses the responses of 4,980 online Australians aged 16 years and above through an online survey methodology. All responses were collected during December, 2013. The report was released on Monday 3 March, 2014.

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