The One True King: Game of Thrones Enthralls Australians

The One True King: Game of Thrones Enthralls Australians


It’s been a fiery, twisted and captivating journey so far, but Game of Thrones has enthralled many Australian viewers and has seen them take to Twitter to share their thoughts and emotions on the battle of the seven kingdoms.

As it hits the half-way mark of season five, Game of Thrones, with all its blood, sweat and dragons, has seen Tweets about the epic drama being viewed nearly 1 million times (814,000 impressions), by an average audience of 65K per episode. There was clearly a lot to talk about, as people sent an average of 2.6 thousand Tweets about each episode – with the season premiere “The Wars to Come” being the most social so far with more than 7.5 thousand Tweets being viewed by a unique audience of 165K.

Jon Snow is the most mentioned character across all 5 episodes with 862 mentions (this includes misspelling ‘john snow’). Other notable characters get a lift in mention depending on how the story unfolds – Tyrion (380), Daenerys (348), Khaleesi (307) and Lannister (309).

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