Reading Between The Lines: How To Engage New Zealand’s Bookworms

Reading Between The Lines: How To Engage New Zealand’s Bookworms


New Zealanders love to read. Around 1.9 million Kiwis aged over 10 say they read a book every week – the second most popular leisure activity after walking. In 2016 alone, Nielsen BookScan revealed that 4.9 million books were sold in New Zealand for a total value of $114.2 million.

Results from Nielsen’s Consumer & Media Insight (CMI) survey shows that there are some significant demographic differences between digital book readers (those that own a dedicated book reader device) and all book readers.

Digital book readers are now owned by 445,000 people in New Zealand, a figure that has steadily grown over the past five years. This trend, however, is changing with only 2% of the population saying they intend to buy an e-reader device next year, suggesting a shift towards other devices for reading.

The majority of digital book readers are older adults, followed by adults with young children. The digital book reader is more likely to live in Auckland or Wellington, have a higher household income than the average Kiwi and spend 23% more on all types of books.

In comparison, the average New Zealand reader (all types of books) is more likely to be female. They are also 29% more likely to have dependent children (versus the total population) – spurring a growth in both children’s fiction and picture books.

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