Talking About Your Generation

Talking About Your Generation

Tuning Into Consumers On Commercial Radio

We all share different listening habits and preferences when listening to our favourite radio stations. We know what we like to hear. Nielsen’s Radio It’s A Generation Thing Report reveals that consumers have a strong connection with commercial radio overall, but there are distinct listening preferences across generational groups.

For advertisers, commercial radio remains a critical communication tool as it delivers large audience numbers every week. When it comes to strategies that look to engage and target particular consumers, the following points should be taken into consideration:

Gen Z (14-24 years old): Their grocery shop is considerably more likely to be influenced by grocery ads on the radio and they are more likely than the average radio listener to trust ads featuring radio personalities.

Gen Y (25-39 years old): Similar to their younger counterparts this group is significantly more likely to be influenced by grocery radio ads and trust radio personalities. Compared to the average listener, they’re more likely to find radio ads creative, entertaining and prefer these to suit the feel of the station.

Gen X (40-54 years old): Radio is more likely to be a daily listening ritual during the commute to work amongst this generational group. They are also more likely to listen to elevate their mood.

Baby Boomers (55-64 years old): Boomers are consumers of radio on their daily commute to work – it’s an essential part of their day. Compared to the average radio listener, they’re more likely to listen to the radio to be educated and informed and find the radio to be a relaxing medium.

Silent Generation (65+ years old): This group is more likely than any other to listen to the radio to be informed and educated and keep up-to-date with what is going on in their city. Of all the listener groups, they are the most likely to listen to the radio to relax.

About Nielsen’s Radio It’s A Generation Thing Report

This report profiles Australian metropolitan commercial radio listeners across generational age groups. This overview of generation segments has been constructed with commercial radio listeners in mind and is designed to interpret their preferences, perceptions and intentions.

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