Women: Primed and Ready for Progress

For brands to succeed today, they need to find ways to address the challenges women face. Making up half of the population, women are key influencers across the globe. And the reality is that women still shoulder most of the household responsibilities.

Speak Up—The Media Industry Is Listening

With new digital devices and platforms fragmenting audiences, consumers have found power through their choices and voices. The media industry needs to look carefully at whose voices they listen to and communicate with in order to create the most empowering and engaging content. It’s not just the...

Girl Power: Measuring the Rise of Women's Sport in Australia

Today, the 'value' of a sport is primarily based on TV viewership and attendance. For women’s sport, it is widely assumed that ‘the attendance and viewing is just not there.’ While these traditional yardsticks are an important trading currency, our research shows that women's sport has...

Winning in Winter: Cold Weather Fuels Pharmacy Sales

Sales of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmacy products is now a $5 billion industry in Australia – growing at a healthy five percent over the past 12 months. The latest quarter, which included the winter season, delivered even stronger growth. Notable sales increases for the vitamins and supplements,...

Aussies Go Bananas For Bananas

A recent Nielsen shopper study on the top 50 selling grocery products revealed that bananas are the most popular household purchase with 93 percent of Australian households purchasing an average of 19 kg of the tropical fruit every year.