Australian Multi-Screen Report Q3 2014

Australian Multi-Screen Report Q3 2014

The Australian Multi-Screen Report for Q3 2014 reveals the time Australians spent watching TV on conventional in-home TV sets rose more than an hour per month year-on-year (YOY) in Q3 2014, even as household take-up of internet-connected devices reached a new high.

In Q3 2014, Australians aged 2+ spent an average 37 hours and 44 minutes (37:44) online each month on home and work computers. They devoted 7:30 to watching any online video on PC or laptop computers (including broadcast TV content and other video), compared to 5:18 in Q3 2013.

Special study key findings – homes with Internet connected mobile devices: 

  • Smartphones are the most common Internet-connected mobile devices in study participants’ homes (91%), followed by tablets (60%), iPods (22%) and Kindles/e-readers (20%). 
  • Larger households, and those with kids and teens, are more likely to have a greater number of internet-connected mobile devices. 
  • Tablets are more likely to be shared than smartphones: across all study participants, 54% share their tablets versus 38% for smartphones. 
  • People in larger households are more likely to share tablets and smartphones with other household members – particularly those homes with children under age 18.
  • The top activities among people aged 14+ are similar across tablets and smartphones: email; accessing search engines; social networking; getting news and information; accessing maps or navigation information; and video/entertainment. 
  • Accessing TV networks’ catch-up TV websites and apps is more common on tablets than on smartphones – both via websites and apps. 

About The Australian Multi-Screen Report
The Australian Multi-Screen Report, released quarterly, is the first and only national research into trends in video viewing in Australian homes across television, computers and mobile devices. It combines data from the three best available research sources: the OzTAM and Regional TAM television ratings panels and Nielsen’s national NetView panel, Consumer & Media View database and Australian Connected Consumers Report.




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Australian Multi-Screen Report Q3 2014

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