Unified Measurement: Defining a New Sponsorship Currency

Unified Measurement: Defining a New Sponsorship Currency

The way people consume media is changing almost before our eyes, and as the media industry adapts to new distribution methods – and grapples with changing audience habits – the world of sports faces its own related challenges.

For the sports industry, one stands above all others. How, in a truly multimedia environment, can sponsorships be accurately measured to provide a true picture of value generated for rights holders and brands?

As the following pages show, it’s a challenge Nielsen Sports is meeting head-on: through months of development and drawing on years of experience and expertise as a trusted, credible and independent source, we have developed a unified measurement offering that brings together TV, social, online and print for the first time.

In particular, by unifying measurement of traditional media channels with social media valuation, Nielsen Sports is able to provide an objective, holistic analysis of how a sponsorship is performing. In addition, the ability to demonstrate that a decline in linear broadcast audience doesn’t necessarily translate to a decrease in total audience is an essential asset for sports’ key stakeholders.

Combined with our deep understanding of sports and the commercial pressures facing rights holders and sponsors, we’re primed to assist the industry tackle the challenges thrown up in the modern media world and deliver a total picture of how value is generated through sports sponsorship.


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Unified Measurement: Defining a New Sponsorship Currency

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