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Thanks to media fragmentation, it’s getting harder and harder to consistently reach your buyers with your message. But do you know the one form of media that reaches millions of consumers every day? It’s your package design. With more than 60% of purchase decisions being made in store, it’s never been more important to evaluate your package designs and make sure they are delivering the stand out and conversion power you need.

Understand Current Pack Performance With Design Category Audit

As categories shift and consumer preferences change, it’s essential to know how your products’ packages are doing. Are you losing relevance with key consumer segments? Is your design fading into the background as new competitors with bolder, more eye-catching products hit the market?

Nielsen Design Category Audit quickly assesses how your current designs are performing relative to key competitors to discover threats and opportunities. If redesign is your route, the combined qualitative and quantitative findings will help you create a killer brief your agency will love. Watch the video to learn more about how Audit can help you.

Explore New Design Directions With Design Navigator

You’ve decided it’s time to design, and while you know this process might take longer than you expect, you may not know that your current process is significantly hurting your ability to find truly breakthrough design. In fact, we know that 56% of FMCG professionals and 67% of agency professionals agree the design direction chosen in the end is often not the strongest.

Design Navigator helps you quickly find your best design direction by enabling you to explore a wider range of designs and get objective market driven feedback earlier in design process. Detailed feedback from consumers then helps you refine your design further. Watch the video to learn more about how Navigator can help you.

Success Story

“We were looking to develop a radical new package design that would shake up the jerky category and truly differentiate Oberto as the Challenger brand. The stakes were very high, but Nielsen’s unique solution gave us tremendous confidence to take this giant step that has led to great in-market results both with our retail customers and consumers.”



The ROI of Design

We know that you know design matters – and now we can prove it. Recently, we reaffirmed the power of package design to drive sales by examining the impact of our own Nielsen Design Navigator solution. The analysis examined the results of 132 Design Navigator initiatives from 2013-2014. Want to know more?

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ROI of Design

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