Social and Public Enterprise

Society evolves through changes in human nature, social institutions, social behaviours and social relations that alter the socio-economic structure. One of the most noticeable changes is shifting relative global population distributions between countries. Changing populations transform the nature of demand, ensuring the need for sustainable development. And humanitarian organizations are striving to serve such people by meeting their basic needs and making their lives better

How we do it

For social and public enterprise research, we use opinion polls, project monitoring and evaluations and impact assessments to better understand health, population and nutrition, gender, child rights and protection, HIV/AIDS, education, trafficking and migration, rural and urban development and income generation, communication, and water and sanitation. Our expertise in these fields of social development support humanitarian organizations’ better understanding of the people—no matter their geographic, ethnic, and/or sexual diversities—they serve. Nielsen’s insight makes development professionals and organizations more resourceful with concrete information, so they can tailor their intervention programs to address development needs.

From urban populations to the hard-to-reach villages of rural Bangladesh, we know people better than anyone else. Our methodologies consider each study’s varied needs and apply learnings from recognized development studies around the globe. They are tried and tested by our research professionals. Our passionate and vibrant researchers come from multidisciplinary academic and professional backgrounds. And our dedicated operation team has experience working with diversified social issues.

Over the years, Nielsen Bangladesh Social and Public Enterprise Research has made worthwhile contributions to strengthen governments’ and donors’ understanding of different critical social changes that affect developing nations. Since inception, we have been conducting social research for different U.N. and international and national humanitarian organizations.