Global Video-on-Demand

Global Video-on-Demand

Not long ago, “watching TV” meant sitting in front of the screen in your living room, waiting for a favorite program to come on at a set time. Today, the growth of video-on-demand (VOD) programming options where viewers can download or stream content from either a traditional TV package or an online source is creating extensive opportunities for consumers who have greater control than ever before over what they watch, when they watch and how they watch. And the number of self-reported VOD viewers is significant.

The Nielsen Global Video-on-Demand Survey polled over 30,000 online respondents in 61 countries to gauge worldwide sentiment about VOD viewing and advertising methods. We examine who’s watching on demand content, how they’re watching and why. We also explore how online-service providers are affecting the traditional TV landscape and offer insights about how to adapt as the ecosystem continues to evolve.

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Global Video-on-Demand

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