Quarter By Numbers: Q4 2017

Quarter By Numbers: Q4 2017

Across the globe, how companies do business is changing. Consumer behaviors are evolving as demographics shift and advances in technology are opening up new avenues for people to engage with content and brands.

These new connections are unlocking opportunities for marketers to reach consumers. But knowing how and where to connect with consumers in this increasingly complex marketplace can be challenging. As multinationals seek growth across the globe and local companies look beyond their borders, they need help identifying the opportunities that are right for their business.

Our Quarter by Numbers reports help our clients do just that. Covering 59 countries across five regions—and growing every quarter—this quarterly series provides a global snapshot of what’s going on in our markets today.

We produce five reports to help clients zero in on specific regions of the world. The series is available free of charge to all Nielsen clients. They are also for sale to non-clients. This lite report represents an overview of the insights detailed in the five regional reports.

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Quarter By Numbers: Q4 2017

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