Canadians Favour Healthy Breakfasts

Canadians Favour Healthy Breakfasts

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a well-known phrase around the world. But as ubiquitous as this sentiment is, Canadian consumers are long way heeding its advice. In fact, only 50% of Canadians agree with the phrase, and 18% skip breakfast altogether. With 65% of Canadians finding it challenging to eat right, grocers have an opportunity to help consumers by offering flavourful, healthy breakfast solutions that meet the requirements consumers are looking for.

As we’ve seen in an array of categories, including food and personal care, health is a key aspect in breakfast foods, as 65% of Canadians who prepare their breakfast meals or buy them away from their homes say that what they do eat is healthy. In fact, seven of the top 10 breakfast attributes that make up the ideal Canadian breakfast are health related, led by food items that are high in protein (50%), high in fibre (47%) and low in sugar (40%).

But don’t discount flavour. In fact, flavour leads the pack for what consumers search for when they’re deciding what to eat for breakfast. For consumers, it’s all about balance. Breakfast choices can be both flavourful and healthy. Communicating health characteristics to consumers via shelf talkers or point-of-purchase material about desirable attributes like high in protein and fibre will be a win-win.

As shoppers search the grocery store aisles for breakfast items that meet their preferences, sales of traditional breakfast items are seeing increased sales. Eggs and bacon, both naturally high in protein, have seen increased dollar sales of 5% in the last year (52 weeks ended March 31, 2018). Fruit and cereal bars, which require no prep time, are easy grab-and-go items that are reaping the rewards of consumers who indicate they spend five minutes or less on breakfast preparation (54%).

With Canadians looking to make healthier food choices, manufacturers and retailers have an opportunity to provide products that will help consumers achieve their goals and increase breakfast item sales. Helping consumers choose healthier food options may also drive healthier bottom lines for manufacturers and retailers.


The insights in this article were derived from:

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