Global Snack-Buyers Get Territorial

Snacks seem to be available almost everywhere we shop. And since 58% of global respondents say that most of their snack purchases are unplanned, it makes good business sense to have snacks at the ready and within arm’s reach.

’Tis the Season to Focus on Fresh

There’s no time like the holidays for lavish feasts and decadent treats, which means it’s time for consumers to start decking their fridges and pantries with food for year-end entertaining. So when December hits, shoppers up the ante when it comes to stocking their baskets with fresh foods,...

The Evolving Landscape of the U.S. Fresh Foods Market

Even as inflationary pressures nag at our wallets, fresh foods remain a healthy part of the American diet. In fact, consumers in the U.S. spend 30 percent of their food, grocery and personal care expense on fresh foods, according to the Nielsen Global Survey of Fresh Foods. The mix of where...