Nielsen TV: Product Innovation and Jobs Theory

What causes a consumer to pull a product into their lives? Simply put, we bring a product into our lives because it meets a need or desire. That’s the crux of Jobs Theory: doing a job that needs to be done.

Nielsen TV: The Confectionery Consideration

As consumers seek healthier options and continue to enjoy their treats when they’re looking for an indulgence, how do candy manufacturers make sure their offerings remain at the forefront of consumers’ purchase considerations?

Nielsen TV: Mobile Tech and the Shift to Cashless Payments

In the emerging age of tap and go, mobile payments offer the promise of greater convenience and security for consumers, as well as entirely new ways for consumers and brands to engage with one another. What are the opportunities for consumers and brands from the connection of payments to a range of...

Nielsen TV: The Polarization of the Canadian Consumer

When asked about the CPG space in Canada, Carman Allison summarizes the environment in one word: challenging. In a relatively flat growth market retailers and manufacturers are eager to cash in on the opportunities that do exist. And when we take a closer look, we see a polarization, where some...

Nielsen TV: Satisfying the Snacker in All of Us

Whether it be to satisfy a quick fix on the go or replace a traditional lunch snacks have become much more than in-between-meal indulgences. They’re also a global boon for retailers, as consumers around the globe spend $374 billion on snacks each year. But as James Russo explains, our regional...