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Nielsen Launches Shopper Essentials Suite in Canada

Uncovering the Comprehensive Shopper Path to Purchase Journey

Markham, ON March 9, 2017 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) today announced the launch of the Nielsen Shopper Essentials Suite in Canada. Nielsen Shopper Essentials provides a complete view of shoppers across retail channels and categories allowing clients to make real-time decisions to drive growth outcomes. As retail competition increases and new attitudinal norms take hold in digital and omnichannel environments, it is more important than ever that fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers and retailers alike understand these shopping drivers and respond rapidly.

The launch of the Shopper Essentials Suite includes three solutions that work together to provide immediate, comprehensive and benchmarking insights to clients to help make confident real-time decisions about consumer shopping preferences.

Nielsen Shopper Essentials consists of three complementary reports that chronicle the shopper across the entire path to purchase:

  • Store Choice Drivers: Provides a complete analysis of current attitudes among Canadian shoppers across the traditional retail landscape, offering perspective into how shoppers’ attitudes influence their behavior while also identifying the insights to drive outcomes.
  • Category Shopping Fundamentals: Provides in-depth knowledge on how the shopper navigates a category from point of demand through to purchase to effectively communicate with the shopper and to identify influencers of category purchases.
  • Digital Shopper Segmentation: Uncovers the attitudes, behaviors, drivers and barriers of the Canadian digital FMCG shopper by providing actionable segmentation of shoppers based on their digital engagement.

“The Shopper Essential Suite showcases a wide array of categories that are vital to helping retailers and manufacturers succeed across Canada,” said Jenny Mabley, vice president consumer and shopper, Nielsen. “These solutions will help retailers and manufacturers activate categories across the store and cultivate business both online and offline.”

This Shopper Essentials Suite allows both broad and deep dive insights into what drives shoppers to certain stores, as well as the physical and digital paths to purchase. The level of granularity of the shopper information allows marketers to capitalize on new opportunities and to drive growth outcomes.

“These comprehensive insights provide actionable intelligence to clients to help make informed real-time decisions to positively impact their bottom line,” said Georgia Zhuang, senior vice president, Nielsen. “The depth of information and insights will equip clients with essential information to understand shoppers’ store selection drivers and their perceptions about retailers for strategic positioning in the market.”


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