Music is a vital part of the human experience, and the ways consumers engage with their favorite songs and artists are constantly evolving. When it comes to radio, terrestrial and satellite remain dominant sources for music discovery, and Nielsen has an established history of tracking song airplay across all of them. As the leading provider of radio performance monitoring, we offer services that help companies understand what radio stations are playing in real time, how often and how these playlists compare with other stations in the same area.

Online streaming continues to gain traction as a way consumers are both listening to and watching music content, and Nielsen captures well over 1 billion streams each week. As more providers enter the space, our data helps companies follow lifts and trends in which songs are being streamed, as well as how often.

How We Measure

Nielsen’s radio airplay measurement capabilities track the airplay of songs across radio, TV and the Internet—everywhere consumers can tune in. How deep do we measure? Using a digital pattern recognition technology, Nielsen captures more than 100 million song performances on more than 2,000 radio, satellite radio, streaming, and music video channels across Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. The technology tracks airplay based on the number of spins and music detection.

Nielsen’s online streaming tool collects programmed, on-demand and tethered streams for the top 10,000 streamed songs from 13 leading providers in the U.S. The data can be viewed by streaming provider, artist or overall activity.

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