Webinar: Incrementality through innovation

Presenter:Jeff Claypoole, Nielsen SVP, Nielsen BASES Global Line and Price practice

How to Develop Incrementality Through Innovation

Did you know that 80% of all innovations are not incremental to either their parent brand or the category and 25% of new products actually shrink the brand franchise when they are launched? So, how can you increase the incremental impact of your innovations?

Join us on September 25th for our Webinar “Incrementality Through Innovation”.

Jeff Claypoole Nielsen SVP of Nielsen BASES Global Line and Price practice will discuss the importance of evaluating the incremental potential of new products early in the process and the different avenues for maximizing incremental growth.

Key topics:

  • Why do so many innovations fail to deliver incremental growth?
  • What strategies can marketers employ to identify more incremental initiatives?
  • How can “small” changes, such as new package sizes and promotional strategies, drive incremental growth?
  • What are some best practices and important considerations when executing launches, such as when making assortment decisions or devising a premium pricing strategy?