Winning Perspectives September 2018

Winning Perspectives September 2018


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Dear all,

Whatever kind of company you are, there’s always one constant: change. Staying ahead in this evolving landscape requires new levels of speed, flexibility, integration and openness.

More than anything, it requires the right data. “Big data” is getting bigger every day, but harnessing it to understand your What’s Next requires precision.

It’s with this understanding that I’m pleased to introduce, as the new managing director for Austria and Switzerland, our latest edition of Switzerland’s Winning Perspectives — our vehicle to bring you Nielsen’s standpoint on the powerful forces that are driving our industry and affecting our business.

Weather trends are one of them: with such a beautiful, prolonged and hot summer, which categories were the biggest winners? What sells and what doesn’t — and on which channel? How can you best anticipate these trends in the future?

In markets like Switzerland, where e-commerce is relatively small but on the rise, what are companies doing to prepare and secure success on this channel in the future? And with the increase in cross-border sales due to the development of e-commerce, are there opportunities for Swiss companies to sell their products abroad? Which categories are working best, and how are they doing it?

And lastly, in our busy lives, we’re seeing the increasing importance of convenience. How has this influenced categories such as coffee, and what can we learn about On the Go Coffee which we can anticipate for other upcoming convenience trends?

You’ll find more about these topics in our latest edition of Winning Perspectives.

I look forward to connecting with you in the near future to discuss your business needs and how Nielsen can help. In the meantime, we hope you like this edition of Winning Perspectives in Switzerland.

Every quarter, we’ll aim to provide you with the right consumer and market insights to give your business the knowledge necessary not just to keep the pace, but to stay ahead. We encourage you to contact our authors should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Pedro Lima
Managing Director, Nielsen Switzerland

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