It`s All About Coffee – Elements Of Convenience

It`s All About Coffee – Elements Of Convenience


Rapid urbanization, diminishing household sizes, increasing life expectancy and the constant emergence of new technologies that influence all areas of everyday life mean that consumer purchasing behaviour and, consequently, the retail landscape are constantly changing. While sales in traditional retail trade in Switzerland stagnated (0.2% 2016 vs. 2017), “On The Go” shop formats continue to grow (8.1% 2016 vs. 2017). Retailers have already recognized this potential and are responding to it with an increasing number of convenience stores.

The Swiss have less and less time and are increasingly “on the go”, which means that time is becoming a scarce resource. More than ever before, morning coffee is consumed outside the home to compensate for precisely this lack of time. Already every third Swiss person regularly reaches for “coffee to go”, with an upward trend (from 29% in 2017 to 36% in 2018; see chart below).


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About the Nielsen’s “It’s All About Coffee” Study

Nielsen’s “It’s All About Coffee” study is based on a survey of “Coffee to Go” prices at Swiss hotspots and a survey of our household panel. It also includes an additional study on home coffee consumption in Switzerland.

The study answers consumer preferences with regard to On-the-Go coffee consumption, and these relation to our retail landscape. It provides important benchmarks of the best-known convenience shop formats at railway stations in the various language regions of Switzerland and compares prices and range of products.