Schweizer Detailhandelstagung 2018 – register now!

Schweizer Detailhandelstagung 2018 – register now!


It’s that time of the year again! On Wednesday, the 2nd of May 2018, Nielsen and Fuhrer & Hotz will once again co-host the prestigious ‘Schweizer Detailhandelstagung 2018’. Very much in keeping with the topic of digitalization, this year’s conference will focus on the interaction between technological progress and humanity. 

To kick off the conference, Nielsen will hold an exclusive presentation showcasing the most up-to-date market data and trends in consumer’s behavior. Drawing on cutting-edge consumer research and expert interviews, Fuhrer & Hotz will provide you with invaluable insights on how to win your consumers’ attention at the POS.  


The event offers a unique opportunity to touch base with several experts within the retail sector. Jörg Blunschi (Genossenschaft Migros Zürich) and Dominique Locher (Entrepreneur and Counselor) will share their observations on the changing market conditions and the impact on stationary trade. Questions such as how social and technological change will impact the Swiss retail landscape will be debated and answered. Michael Skou (REMA 1000 Danmark) and Erich Harsch (dm-drogerie market) will go on to discuss in which respect today’s dynamic retail environment is influenced by ‘the human being’ vs. ‘corporate culture’. 

Industry and special guests

Not to be outdone, the manufacturing sector will be represented by several of its most successful personalities. Jon Adalsteinsson and Marlise Umiker from the company Isey Skyr will reveal details about their somewhat unconventional success story and entry into the Swiss market. Monika Walser will share the highlights of her experience as the CEO of the Swiss furniture company de Sede, including how they achieved their turnaround. As our very special guest this year, we are excited to welcome Waldemar “Waldi” Hartmann, a well known sports commentator in Germany, to our stage. The Bavarian TV veteran will regale us with anecdotes about what it is that really matters, now and in the future. Have you always wanted to know what the numerical sequence 6-9-3 means? Join us at the Detailhandelstagung 2018 and let Waldi tell you himself. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen for the Schweiz. Detailhandelstagung 2018! Click here for more information on the registration process.

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