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Consumer Confidence Index Q3 2017

Die Schweizer schauen optimistisch in die Zukunft. 57% beurteilen ihre Jobaussichten als (sehr) gut - 56% sagen dies über ihre persönlichen Finanzen. Dies resultiert in einem Consumer Confidence Index von 97 Punkten (identisch zum 3. Quartal 2016).

What's Next in E-commerce?

As the e-commerce channel expands, the future success of brands will be significantly affected by how successful they are online. As increasingly time poor consumers seek convenience and on-the-go purchases, online sales of FMCG will gain more importance.

Perspectives: Who Exactly is Africa's Consuming Class?

Africa’s vast potential is the stuff of investors’ dreams, but capitalizing on that opportunity is less about identifying or quantifying prospects and more about execution stemming from knowledge, insights and data to enable on-the-ground success.