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Brands, It’s Time to Wise Up to Women

Despite the headlines and hashtags, women around the world are fatigued and believe meaningful change is coming too slowly. So how can brands ensure they’re making authentic connections with women?

Women: Primed and Ready for Progress

For brands to succeed today, they need to find ways to address the challenges women face. Making up half of the population, women are key influencers across the globe. And the reality is that women still shoulder most of the household responsibilities.

Opportunities for convenience in Switzerland

We all know that the demand for convenience products is on the rise. In our recent study the Quest for Convenience, we reported that as busy lifestyles and rising connectivity further increase, consumers demand convenient solutions that help simplify their lives.

Detailhandelstagung 2019

On Tuesday, 30 April 2019, this year's retail trade conference (Detailhandelstagung) will take place in cooperation with Fuhrer & Hotz. As in previous years, interesting speakers will talk about trends around the retail trade in 2019 as well.

Swiss Shopper Trends 2019

Migros and Aldi win the race in price perception. However, price isn’t the only decisive factor when choosing where to shop. A shop’s price to performance ratio is becoming increasingly more important for Swiss shoppers.