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FMCG (nominal turnover) growth in Europe improved to +3.7% in the third quarter of 2018, despite a slowdown in GDP in the euro area, driven by stable consumer confidence and continued moderate inflation.

The Quest for Convenience

Convenience isn’t just about store formats, products or packaging. And it means more than the latest technologies or new engagement strategies. Rather, it’s about every encounter, interaction and action that can help fulfill consumers’ growing demand for efficiency.

E-Commerce Report 2018 Q1

What is the consumer’s online shopping behavior? What are the key reasons/barriers for going online? How do retailers position themselves? The E-Commerce Report answers these and other questions.

International: Swiss consumers are global shoppers

Irish butter, French hand cream, American cat food - and all this with a good feeling. Be it food, cosmetics or household products: for most consumer goods, national borders hardly play a role for consumers in Switzerland. Dairy products are the only exception.