Slight FMCG volume growth in Switzerland

Slight FMCG volume growth in Switzerland


European Union (EU28) GDP increased +2.5% in 2017, which was a ten-year high and is now stable following a cyclical recovery from a number of economic and political crises over the last decade.

In Q4 among Eurozone’s largest economies, GDP growth slowed slightly in Germany, Italy and Spain, but picked up in France, Netherlands and Belgium.

CPG performance in Q4 improved in many countries with +1.8% volume growth across Europe, compared to +1.3% in Q4 2016.

Nominal sales increased by +4.4% which is the best quarterly growth since Q1 2012.

This is within the context of a moderately inflationary environment where unit value growth in Europe for 2017 increased to +2.1% from +1.1% in 2016.

In Switzerland, we expect to see slight FMCG volume growth again in 2017. Together with a slight increase in prices, this translates into + 0.5% sales growth in 2017.

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Slight FMCG volume growth in Switzerland

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