Optimizing the Automotive Path to Purchase

In today’s crowded car market, auto advertisers are hard-pressed to connect with consumers, encourage new sales, and do it all under shrinking budgets. It’s a steep challenge, and one that can only be met with a full understanding of how consumers shop for cars and how they react to automotive...

Paving the Way to Sustainable Profit

A new report from Nielsen in partnership with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), identifies four key innovative strategies to help automobile companies better meet the evolving needs of today’s changing Chinese consumers:

How Connected Cars Are Driving Consumers Into Auto Showrooms

Tech is everywhere these days: In our pockets, our living rooms and even on the highways. Today, about one in five drivers aware of connected cars is already driving a high-tech vehicle. And as car manufacturers continue to introduce new tech at showcases like the recent International Consumer...